Taylor Quarterly Health Checks


Regular preventative maintenance reduces avoidable downtime, increasing uptime and profitability! How much is a day worth to your business?

Arrange a Taylor Quarterly Health Check and maintain your Taylor soft serve or frozen drinks machine in great working order.

Our new Quarterly Health Check offer is a flexible plan which can be tailored to your individual business requirements.

If you run a busy QSR, ice cream kiosk, or café which has soft ice cream or frozen drinks at the core of your food offer. And work your Taylor equipment relentlessly for every hour you’re open, then a scheduled plan of four visits a year (one every three months) would be ideal for you.

If your business is slightly slower paced, but soft ice cream and shakes are equally as important, then a twice yearly plan could be just what you need. Time your visits for the beginning and end of the season to give you peace of mind.

Regular attendance of a Taylor UK Technician will keep your Taylor equipment running at it’s best. Preventing any avoidable downtime and will help spot major problems before they occur.

Every Taylor Quarterly Health Check will include:

  • PM Kit – Machine specific tune-up kit, Taylor lube, and scraper blades (where applicable)
  • Staff Refresher – where required
  • Freezing Calibration – will ensure your product is perfect!
  • Machine Health Check – our Taylor UK Technician will inspect your Taylor and will advise on any potential issues which may occur in the future. Allowing you to make informed decisions on any preventative maintenance which you may wish to make. (Additional labour and parts costs will be applicable relative to the work required)

Flexible options…

Buy your Quarterly Health Checks one at a time as you need them. Or receive additional discounts off the cost when they’re purchased together….

Buy now, schedule your own visit interval…. once every three months… once every six months… once every twelve months… schedule the frequency which you think is best for your business.

Our Quarterly Health Check plans are available for all Taylor soft serve and frozen beverage equipment.

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*Pricing is machine specific. Larger, more complicated models will cost more per visit. Contact us for full details on the exact pricing for your Taylor Model.

Visits are per machine, sites with multiple machines will need to to schedule multiple visits. Discounts are available for operators who have multiple machines at one site.

Taylor Quarterly Health Checks are not a reactive service call. If your machine is not functioning you must place a reactive service call to remedy the fault. Broken or missing components, other than the regular PM Kit components, will not be replaced as part of the health check. All additional parts and labour time will be chargeable.


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