End of Season Offer – Extended Warranty


Avoid the January Price Rise!
And get an additional 10% discount!

All NEW Taylor soft serve and frozen drinks machines come with 12 months parts & labour warranty as standard. But, if taken out within the first 11 months of ownership, this can be extended for up to four additional years.

Operators who choose to extend their warranty before 31st December 2023 will benefit from an additional 10% discount and will avoid any future price rises. Additional warranties begin on the first year anniversary of your machine.

Extended Warranty costs are model specific, a ‘Good Practice’ package for a Taylor C152 Soft Serve Machine starts at only £425+VAT, that’s the equivalent of just £1.17 a day!

How much is a day of lost sales worth to you?

The cost of extending your TAYLOR warranty is the equivalent to the profit from 4 or 5 extras sales a day over the duration of the year*… If soft ice cream or milkshakes are a major part of your business, the benefits greatly outweigh the cost!

If you sell 125 ice cream cones a day, each for £1.50. Everyday your machine isn’t working, it’s costing you approximately £135 in lost profit!

It doesn’t take many days to justify the cost of an extended warranty!

Pay annually or monthly with a payment plan!

Contact us for more details and arrange your extended warranty today!

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