Taylor Tune-Up Kits & PM Packages

The key to keeping your Taylor soft serve or frozen drinks machine in top working order is by replacing the consumable components within the recommended time frame. Which, for machines which are in continual operation, is every three months.

Regular preventative maintenance can significantly reduce unplanned downtime, ensuring your Taylor machine is always working and generating profits for your business.

Consumable items like Scraper Blades are designed to wear over time. Replacing them every 3 or 4 months as part of a tune-up kit replacement maintains the efficiency of your machine ensuing the highest possible product quality and yield.

Operating a soft serve or shake freezer with worn o-rings and scraper blades can put excessive pressure on internal components leading to premature failure.

HTG Service has a number of different ‘pay as you go’ options available to help you keep your Taylor machine in perfect working order using only genuine Taylor spare parts and consumables.

Option 1 – D.I.Y PM KitsIdeal for seasoned operators

If you’ve had your Taylor for years and know it inside out, simply purchase a genuine PM Kit and fit it yourself the next time you clean your machine.

Our PM kits are machine specific and comprise of a tune-up kit containing all of the necessary o-rings and nylon bushes, replacement scraper blades (where applicable), a tube of Taylor Lube, and some approved food-safe sanitiser sachets.

Additional discounts are available when multiple kits are purchased at the same time.

Option 2 – PM Engineer Visitsgreat for peace of mind!

Would having a trained professional check your machine give you more peace of mind?

Buy a PM Kit and arrange for one of HTG Service’s fully qualified and accredited technicians to visit your store and fit the kit the next time you’re machine is due to be reassembled following the regular brush cleaning.

Along with fitting the new consumables, our engineer will give your Taylor machine a full health check and will highlight any potential problems and make recommendations on non-consumable parts which may need replacing.

*Please note: The machine must be clean and disassembled prior to the engineers visit.

Option 3 – PM Visit + Operator RetrainingPerfect if you’re a little ‘rusty’

Has it been a while since you’ve last cleaned your Taylor? Or do you have new staff who’ve never done it before?

Make the most of our engineer visit and schedule a operator training session at the same time.

In addition to the services outlined in Option 2, our engineer will go through the assembly, cleaning and sanitising procedures required to ensure the successful day-to-day operation of your Taylor machine and help limit any operator relates faults. The session will also cover best practices and do’s and don’ts, answering any questions which you may have at the same time.

Contact the HTG Service Customer Service & Support Centre to discuss your individual PM Kit requirements and schedule your retraining session.

Call 01473 350000 or email service@htgtrading.co.uk

Alternatively, complete the enquiry form below and we’ll call you back.

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*Retraining sessions must be booked as part of a PM visit (Option 2). Price is subject to VAT at the standard rate.

**Additional parts must be ordered with the engineer during the session to qualify for the additional 25% discount.