Taylor Heat Treatment Soft Serve Machine Upgrade


Extend the cleaning interval of your Taylor Heat Treatment Soft Serve Machine from 14 to 28 days!

Reduce Downtime, Increase Productivity!

Upgrade your Taylor C708, C709, C716 or C606 soft serve freezer to the 28 day cleaning interval

Advantages of upgrading to 28 days include:

  • Reduce Machine Downtime – you’ll only need to empty and clean your Taylor HT soft serve machine once a month reducing the time spent cleaning, increasing the time spent serving and making money!
  • Reduce Wastage – halving the number of times you need to empty your machine each year will halve the amount of product which you’re forced to waste, increasing your profits!
  • Reduce Labour Costs – you’ll only need to pay a staff member to clean the machine once a month opposed to once every two weeks, saving both time and money.
  • Reduce Operator Error – halving the number of times the machine is disassembled halves the potential for operator errors due to lost parts or incorrect re-assembly.

Your 28 day upgrade will be performed by one of our fully Taylor accredited engineers and can be scheduled to coincide with your current cleaning schedule to avoid unnecessary downtime and wastage.

The reduction in machine downtime and the reduced labour and wastage costs more than justify the cost of upgrading!

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Please Note – Only machines manufactured after January 2015 can be upgraded to the 28 day cleaning interval. Contact us with your machine serial number to see see if your Taylor C708, C709, C716, or C606 is compatible.

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Upgrade your Taylor heat treatment soft serve machine to 28 day cleaning!


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